Open hi

"We will become citizen of the world"


Today we have a dream. We are dreaming of satisfying everyone and make accessible the world to who wants to learn new cultures and see how we live elsewhere. To solve the problem that travelling is not possible for everyone, we target a specific moment to take people out of themselves without asking them lot of time and lot of money. That way, we have a look at different events that people would like to live and discover. We want to share local events with the world. Thanks to Open Hi we will move from a local event to a world event and put countries closer.


With screens connected together, recording and broadcasting different events we can create link between strangers to show them what is the world and the culture abroad. That way we break the distance and make the culture accessible to everyone without asking them to move or spend a large sum of money. Thanks to this concept we could mix cultures and bring to people a new point of view of what happens elsewhere.